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Forum regulations

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  • Forum regulations

    General forum's rules
    1. By registering in the forum you accept its rules and conditions of use. We are also not responsible for the incorrect use of it.
    2. Before asking a question in a forum, check if someone else has already asked the question, and more importantly if the question has been answered already.
    3. Stay focused on the topic (this is essential). Do not include irrelevant links, comments, images, or thoughts that have nothing to do with the original topic.
    4. Do not write IN CAPITAL LETTERS! in forums or emails, this is interpreted as you are screaming.
    5. Be tolerant. If a partner makes a mistake, don't harass him. Let it go, it can happen to anyone.
    6. Spam is prohibited within the forum, its use is considered a permanent ban.
    7. The administration reserves the right to update and/or modify these rules according to the needs of the community.
    Before reporting a player
    1. Before reporting a player you must present real proofs such as screenshots or the report will be denied.
    2. In the case of duppers or players who break the in-game rules, the reported player will be investigated since screenshots are not possibles.
    3. Be aware that if a player makes a false accusation to harm another player, the player making the false accusation would be banned for days or months, depending on the seriousness of the accusation.

    In-game rules
    1. The use of bugs, hacks, or some kind of program that gives an advantage to a player within the servers is completely prohibited, its use may result in a permanent ban.
    2. Other players must be respected.
    3. Spam is prohibited inside the server, its use is considered a permanent ban.
    4. Harassment, discrimination, or racist comments are not allowed within the game.
    5. Becoming pk is understandable, and killing by spots is allowed, but it is forbidden to indiscriminately kill characters that have just started or are already high levels in a massive way just for the pleasure of harming other players. This will be punished with 24 hours of bann.